DeliveryIQ. The cure for the delivery headache.

“Where’s my order?!” It’s the last thing any manager wants to hear. Why? Aside from an unhappy customer, too often the store doesn’t know exactly where the order is. The order is out somewhere with the driver who now has to be called to determine the status. DeliveryIQ has the answer. DeliveryIQ is both an app for your drivers and new functionality within the FoodTec POS. DeliveryIQ provides control to managers, efficiency to drivers, and transparency to customers. At the POS, the manager tracks: Plus, the customer is able to track order status live on the website. So chances are the manager will never get that call!

Why it’s simple.

GPS/location and order status data from the driver app connects all three systems. Managers, kitchen staff and expeditors now have realtime information that empower them to make better decisions on timing and order bundling. The results? Happy customers, motivated staff and more profits.

Simple-to-use Features

  • Signature Capture on Credit Card Voucher
  • Coupon Scanning at the door
  • Order assignment by driver or expeditor
  • Late-status warnings
  • GPS Tracking
  • Map and List View of Orders
  • Route completion status
  • Optimal route suggestions
  • Driver performance stats
  • Easy tip addition

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