Your POS is now your watchdog.

Was that police discount really for a police officer? Loss prevention is truly a headache for any business owner. But it is the reality that all restaurants must manage. Video monitoring itself is a start, but the devil is in the details — you really need to see both the customer interaction as well as what is happening in the POS at the same time.

FoodTec’s Secuity & Loss Prevention System is a POS integrated system, meaning that every transaction is synced to video. You have a complete view of employees, customers,

and your revenue. No more scanning through hours of video tape to find a blurry video segment where you are not sure what is even happening. Now you can find video by transaction record giving you pinpoint accuracy — and saving you valuable time.

FoodTec advisors will help you set up a system that gives you a total view of your customers, employees and transactions that will give you peace of mind so you can focus on business growth.

The smart loss prevention package

  • Synced, live videos and transaction records
  • Watch videos on Mobile App
  • Compare exceptions across locations
  • Search by event to spot inappropriate actions
  • Close the loop on police, fire, military discounts
  • Alerts when key thresholds are broken
  • Analyze trends by employee
  • Exception reporting that identifies irregular, time-stamped, video captured activity

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