Turbo-charge your restaurant concept.

Here at FoodTec Solutions we can get your single-unit restaurant operation up and running quickly. We understand all of the challenges involved in running a QSR and FoodTec will be there every step of the way.

We offer a seamlessly integrated QSR point-of-sale system with over a dozen modules all built in-house. This means that there is no need for complicated third-party integrations as we can provide your complete technology solution. With optional QSR modules for Drive thru, Kitchen Display Systems, Web Ordering, Target Marketing, Delivery Apps, Inventory Tracking, cloud-based reporting and even Loss Prevention, we can grow with you.

FoodTec POS. The heart of the engine.

The FoodTec POS system has been designed and developed specifically for businesses in the fast casual/QSR industry. Our features and over 40 modules are a result of thousands of hours of ongoing communication and joint research with restaurant owners, managers, and front-line staff, including delivery drivers.

No one has more experience in growing your type of business. Period.

Attract more sales – the easy way.

FoodTec’s fully integrated POS e-mail marketing solution, TargetMarket™, lets you can create and send fully customizable, targeted campaigns. And, with 70% of customers wanting restaurants to send them coupons, you can easily generate exclusive, one-time offers using our Unique Coupon app. E-mail marketing is a great way to increase customer retention and get more diners sitting at your tables.


Your entire operation comes down to pulling orders in and getting food out. If that is not working, then nothing else matters. To operate, you want our speed and reliability. To win, you want our innovation.

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