The KDS designed to improve service levels.

It is safe to say that turning around orders faster is good for business. So how do you improve kitchen performance? Reduce confusion and motivate staff. When it gets busy, many delays are the result of poor communication about when items should fire, which orders are linked and which orders are on rush. Paper tickets simply can’t keep up. FoodTec Kitchen Systems ensure item and station-level transparency so managers and expeditors can identify and fix bottlenecks quickly.

But cleaning up order confusion is only the start. FoodTec has developed the new FoodTec Performance Scoreboard, a large, easy-to-read kitchen display that keeps the team up-to-date on the critical KPIs. They can look up to see how they are stacking up against last week’s performance and even against other stores that you select. The board is configurable to the particulars of your business so staff can work towards the goals you value most.

Easy to use. Information-rich.

  • Touch-screen or bump bar configurations
  • POS-integrated for performance tracking
  • Dining room, carry-out and delivery support
  • Integrates with FoodTec Performance Scoreboard
  • Configurable KPI tracking on screen
  • Easy to find future and past orders
  • Station and course status
  • Rush and late alerts

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