You want the worry-free restaurant technology platform.

Here at FoodTec Solutions we know the complexities of operating a full-service restaurant. We can help get your single-unit full-service restaurant up and running. Your choice of technology partner can make the management chores easy so you can focus on food and service.

At FoodTec Solutions we offer a seamlessly integrated Full Service Restaurant POS system with over a dozen optional modules all built in-house meaning no outside third-party vendors are required. All our FoodTec solutions including Table Management, Tip Reporting, Loyalty, and Table-side ordering have been designed and developed specifically to support your business needs, maximize revenue and ensure your success as a full-service restaurant.

No matter the challenge or concern, you will always be supported with FoodTec.

FoodTec POS. The heart of the engine.

The FoodTec POS system has been designed and developed specifically for businesses in the full service industry. Our features and over 40 modules are a result of thousands of hours of ongoing communication and joint research with restaurant owners, managers, and front-line staff, including delivery drivers.

No one has more experience in growing your type of business. Period.

Stay on top of everything…everywhere.

Overseeing training at Store #4 but need keep tabs on Store #9? Simply open the Management & Staff App on your mobile phone and get live updates on store performance directly from your POS. Plus you can check and approve employee schedules and even interact directly with FoodTec Professional Support. If you are an owner or manager, it is an indespensible tool for managing a growing business where everyone wants some of your time. Now you can be two places at once!


Your entire operation comes down to pulling orders in and getting food out. If that is not working, then nothing else matters. To operate, you want our speed and reliability. To win, you want our innovation.

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