Nobody does it better. Period.

Here at FoodTec Solutions no one knows delivery and pizza pos technology better than we do. We can help get your single unit pizza restaurant up and running from the ground up and compete effectively with the big guys. We know it isn’t easy but we have all the solutions to help ensure your success.

At FoodTec Solutions we offer a seamlessly integrated pizza point of sale system with over a dozen optional modules including: delivery, online ordering, mobile app, all built in-house meaning no outside third-party vendors are required and only one phone call to make when you need help.

Our FoodTec pizza pos system has been designed and developed specifically for the pizza industry with the support you need when you need it.

FoodTec POS. The heart of the engine.

The FoodTec POS system has been designed and developed specifically for businesses in the pizza industry. Our features and over 40 modules are a result of thousands of hours of ongoing communication and joint research with restaurant owners, managers, and front-line staff, including delivery drivers. No one has more experience in growing your type of business. Period.

Now you know exactly where they are

Your delivery customer only wants to know one thing…”When is my order going to get here?” You now have the answer – and not just an estimate. DeliveryIQ is a driver app and a POS enhancement that tracks driver location and progress in real time. And the best part? Drivers love it too (it promotes better tipping).


Your entire operation comes down to pulling orders in and getting food out. If that is not working, then nothing else matters. To operate, you want our speed and reliability. To win, you want our innovation.

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