Making inventory management easier.

Inventory management is the part of the business few see and even fewer love. But if you want to improve the bottom line, then you need to closely manage inventory levels to avoid spoilage, fraud and production interruptions. InventoryIQ is the Android app that not only helps you keep on top of your assets, but also simplifies inventory counting and purchase order receiving.

Walk through your inventory with a tablet in hand and count your inventory in real-time. Even better, two people can count on different tablets and then sync their results just by touching the tablets together. Counting inventory with InventoryIQ is up to 70% faster than using pen and paper. Get timely, accurate information of your actual inventory usage and be alerted to variances and issues on the spot.

Simple-to-use Features

  • Mobile & User-friendly
  • Synced with Your POS
  • Pair Devices, Save Time
  • Inventory Location and Completion Alerts
  • Excessive Variance Configuration
  • Intuitive Catch Weight Alerts
  • Hidden Expected Variances
  • Smart Count Sequence
  • Count Purchased Inventory
  • Voice & Text Search
  • Reporting
Assign locations to support devices for faster inventory counts.

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