Optimize your staffing allocations.

In the service industry your employees are the face of your business and employee management is a significant part of your success. Investing in the right tool can, with the click of a button, allow you to accurately manage the entire work schedule ensuring that your restaurant meets customer demand in the most economically efficient way possible.

FoodTec Employee Management is a fully integrated module in your FoodTec POS. Using our web-based application, you can easily manage your entire staff from one dashboard,

anytime, anywhere. From on-boarding employees to productivity management, to payroll, the module streamlines your administrative processes. You can also identify busy and quiet periods and plan ahead and use resources to maximize efficiency in your restaurant.

Whether you are starting a new restaurant or you want to improve your current business, FoodTec enables employers to strategically create cost-effective work schedules to both save money and provide better customer service.

Simple-to-use Features

  • Single dashboard interface
  • Real time data feed
  • Accessible via mobile devices
  • Monitors hours & transactions per employee
  • Accommodates employee shift requests
  • Identities top performers
  • Tracks payroll including overtime & holidays
  • Tracks tipping and allocates accordingly
  • Recommends ideal labor requirements to meet customer demand

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