In today’s digital age, customers have come to expect instant gratification. So, when it comes to ordering fast food, waiting in line forever is certainly not going to equate to a good customer experience.

Because customers have become less patient and seek out options for faster ordering and payment, self-service kiosk solutions are taking the restaurant industry by storm. They not only offer multiple advantages to the customer but also benefits the restaurant. Here’s how:

  • Improved Wait Times: Lengthy lines can cause customers to walk away from their favorite establishment in favor of a quicker experience. If the line to order from a cashier is more than five people, 57% of customers will choose to walk away. Additionally, 71% would leave if there were seven people in line and 91% if there were more than 10 people. These numbers are minimized when self-ordering kiosks are available. 60% of customer surveyed said they would visit a fast casual or QSR establishment more often if self-service kiosks were offered. Ultimately, self-service kiosk solutions eliminate the agony of wait times, increase convenience and improve the customer service experience.
  • Improved Order Accuracy: Self-service kiosk technology helps to reduce human error traditionally caused by miscommunication or language barriers. With a kiosk, customers can customize orders themselves, resulting in significant declines in mistakes and omissions. Such accuracy results in lower food costs due to incorrect orders, faster order throughout and increased sales per employee. Not only that but kiosks use well-known touchscreen technology which is intuitive and easy to use, so even first-time customers can place orders flawlessly and seamlessly.
  • Increased Average Check Size: Kiosks provide restaurants with an amazing platform to increase average checks by 15 to 20%. As printed menus are static, kiosk systems offer greater flexibility allowing for real-time adjustments to content such as promotions, discount items or even leverage favorable food costs to the restaurant’s bottom-line advantage. Similarly, with kiosks restaurants can easily showcase mouth-watering food options, enabling them to upsell multiple messages more effectively.

In a time of fierce competition, the need to enhance the customer experience through customization and convenience is high. Self-service kiosks can improve the customer experience by reducing wait times, providing greater control of the ordering process, and customization while simultaneously improving operations and increasing market share. So, if you don’t already have a kiosk solution in place, maybe it’s time to consider taking advantage of one.